How To Determine A Perfect Toy Australian Shepherd

Toy Australian shepherd is known as a smaller breed compared to the standard Australian type of this breed. Smaller puppies have the needed characteristics and traits of any larger type for them to be loved and liked by dog lovers and owners. However, not all small types are bad at all if anyone is considering it.

This breed is not certainly like those lazy types who just want to sleep everyday. Rather, they love to do some active exercise outdoor such as playing, running and doing all sorts of agile movements. You really have to decide first if you like to have one. If you like then you should choose the best among the many Toy Australian shepherd breeders OK.

As an animal lover, you simply do not choose one without finding out if it is being taking good care of. You really have to determine if they are well bred, good, playful and not its opposite. No one would certainly like to take care of a wrong type of dog. Follow these guidelines therefore to choose the right one.

First to consider is their overall energy level. It depends on the level of all the activities as well. Choose those that are not over lazy or over crazy, just the balance type and it will turn out just fine. It depends on the energy level of the parent animal so you might want to ask the breeder first of its background before deciding.

Consider their overall structures as well. A perfect brand must be balanced proportionally in terms of its skeletal and muscular structures. It indeed must be smaller in size compared to any type of breed. It should not also have toy like features such as bulging eyes, fine bones and domed head.

Your ideal buddy must be alert, cheerful, active and enthusiastic. There should also be no signs of viciousness and aggression in the parent or in the pup. The animal must be fully confident, comfortable and certainly not shy. In terms of characteristics, always check their ears and other important parts.

Find out if their sear is triangular in shape or if it is folded one quarter forward. The ears must be floppy hound or pricked. Their jaws must not be under or overshot. The coats must just be moderate when it comes to the length and its texture must be fine. It must not be too short or long because they are considered working breeds.

There are indeed plenty of color variations that must be considered. Nevertheless, they have typical colors such as pure black or red or with mixtures such as red with white or any type of tan marking. The main point is they should not be purely white. It must be a mixture of possible colors and not just a pure color white or anything.

It all boils down to choosing the right breeder as well. Make sure they are responsible in taking care of them since not doing so may result in unwanted problems such as deafness and so on. It is their main responsibility therefore to take care of every pup as much as possible. They must be licensed as well in offering the needed services.